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Glass Domes. Hyatt Cancun's 37m (121') Glass-clad Lamella Dome. Geometrica domes may be clad with safety glass in single or insulated panels. This allows for …[...]

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A lamella clarifier or inclined plate settler (IPS) is a type of settler designed to remove Particulates from liquids. They are often employed in primary water treatment in place of conventional settling tanks .[...]


Research Report LAMELLA SETTLERS: SEDIMENT REMOVAL FROM ROADWAY CONSTRUCTION RUNOFF Submitted to The Alabama Department of Transportation Prepared by[...]

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As with Lamella domes, the horizontal Kiewitt rings provide an easy check during construction, but the pattern results in many more different parts. Kiewitt domes include the …[...]

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2009-03-19· i am a student at Auburn University's Rural Studio. we are currently working on a structure in which we hope to incorporate a lamella roof. we recently found 3 lamella structures at the mississippi fairgraounds in jackson ms. they all span over 100 ft!! we do have research if you are interested.[...]

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2015-05-26· History of the Lamella Roof. The Lamella roof system was devised in 1908 in Dessau, Germany by Frederich Zollinger, the city architect. Lamellae are the vertical membranes you see when you examine the underside of a mushroom.[...]

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The lamella roof was patented in 1910 and became popular between the World Wars, especially in Germany when metal for construction was in short supply. Some of these structures are now almost 100 years old and many of them remain in very good condition.[...]

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Lamella Construction took the form of a large net-like framework of shallow channel-section standard steel pressings with ends bent to the correct angle, and bolted together in pairs (a right and left to a left and right). This formed a diamond-shaped web and a lattice arch when assembled with others. Tooling for the manufacture of Lamella roof components was installed in the factory at Tipton ...[...]

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building construction: Postwar developments in long-span construction …steel trussed dome is the lamella dome, which is made of intersecting arches hinged together at their midpoints to form an interlocking network in a diamond pattern.[...]

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A lamella (plural lamellae) is a small plate or flake, from the Latin, and may also be used to refer to collections of fine sheets of material held adjacent to one another, in a gill-shaped structure, often with fluid in between though sometimes simply a set of 'welded' plates.[...]

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2012-04-28· I'm trying to design a lamella barrel vault approx. 30' span with 15' radius. I have very little reference info to go on, and have basically been trying to reinvent the wheel by looking at photos of other lamella …[...]

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The lamella clarifier is offered as standard design and as special construction which can be designed, manufactured and delivered from laboratory size to industrial dimensions.[...]

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lamella roof A roof frame consisting of a series of skewed arches, made up of relatively short members, fastened together at an angle so that each is intersected by two similar adjacent members at its midpoint, forming a network of interlocking diamonds.[...]

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This is a design build project to be built in Cheticamp, Cape Breton. It is a lamella structure that will act as a canopy for bunk houses.[...]

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Lamella - Design-Build. This is a design build project to be built in Cheticamp, Cape Breton. It is a lamella structure that will act as a canopy for bunk houses.[...]

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The Zollinger construction is a type of Lamella roof construction (JS Allen 1999) that was invented in the 1920s in order to create wide spanning constructions out of short pieces of timber (Figure 2 and 3). The lamellas structural principle consists of a crisscrossing pattern of parallel arches of relatively short members. These are hinged together and form an interlocking network in a ...[...]

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The lamella is composed of a series of removable parallel plates commonly referred to as “lamella plates”. Stacking the inclined plates results in a separator having up to ten times the clarification area of a conventional circular settling tank occupying the same floor space. To put it another way, it does the separator job in 1/10 the space.[...]

Lamella Plate Vertical Clarifier | Monroe Environmental

The Monroe lamella plate Vertical Clarifier is designed to provide low cost, efficient solids removal from a wide range of waste and process liquids. The inclined plate design allows the total gravity settling area to be as much as ten times more than the actual floor space occupied by the clarifier. Integral chemical mixing and flocculation tanks are available, as well as options for enhanced ...[...]

Ecodyne Lamella Clarifier Lamella Clarifier Principles of Operation • The settling surface area of each plate is equivalent to its horizontal projection. Stacking the inclined plates results in a[...]

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The original Lamella clarifier stands out from traditional clarifiers due to its large settling area, corrosion-resistant plates and its ability to be used for multiple applications.[...]

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Cladding lamellas are narrower profiles that are folded along two long edges and divide facade surfaces one-directionally, be it vertically, horizontally or at an angle.[...]

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A lamella roof, also known as the "Zollinger roof" (after Friedrich Zollinger), is a vaulted roof made up of simple, single prefabricated standard segments (mostly in timber) as a way to span large spaces.[...]


The MAK Water Lamella Clarifier is fitted with a plate pack to maximise the effective settling area of the unit and a conical sludge hopper in a small footprint.[...]

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Remove sediment from wastewater reliably and effectively, using up to 80% less footprint than conventional technologies. The Lamella Plate Clarifier is a primary clarification device used to treat sewage and industrial waste streams and requires up to 80% less space when compared to a …[...]

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o masonry wood or wall steel wood sill. column wood sill. a lamella. masonry wall pilaster block wood sill. masonry wall concrete wood sill.[...]

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Reference: another reference in case it's useful Reference information: lamella: one of a number of timber, metal or concrete members connected along a pattern of interesecting diagonal lines to form a framed vaulted roof structure.[...]

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p. 1611-1621 In 1924 and 1925, Hugo Junkers (1859-1935) patented a steel lamella roof construction, based on the wood lamella roof design by Fritz Zollinger.[...]

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Proceedings of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) Symposium 2009, Valencia Evolution and Trends in Design, Analysis and Construction of Shell and Spatial Structures[...]

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